IconSharp: Cross-platform icon editor

About IconSharp

IconSharp is a cross-platform icon editor that is intended as a replacement for KIconEdit. It started because there was a lack of decent properly-free (i.e. non-demo) icon editors, especially under Linux, and Gimp is a bit too heavyweight for Icon production.

IconSharp was written using GTK# and although notionally a .NET application development was done using Linux rather than Windows. See the running section for further details on platform support, but in short any platform that supports Mono or .NET should be able to run IconSharp. The original aim was to include support for multi-icon Microsoft ICO files, but it soon became apparent that ICO support in itself would be a major development effort. The current goal for version 1 is therefore to provide a complete single-icon PNG-format editor.

Future plans

Ultimately development of this program requires me to be convinced that people are actually interested in it. Longer-term I plan to open source IconSharp, but I will only do that once the program is out of beta. Therefore my immediate development plans are to clean up the code-base and fix any glitches that get discovered.