SprigFern: Futoshiki puzzle solver

About SprigFern Solver

SprigFern is a program for the creation and solving of Futoshiki number puzzles. In this game each number appears only once within every row and column, and in addition some adjoining squares have to satisfy an inequality between them.

SprigFern has been written using the GTK# tool-kit, and should run on any operating system for which the Mono run-time environment is available. It has been tested using Mono for Slackware & Ubuntu, as well as .NET v4 under Windows7. See the running page for details on getting required run-time libraries.

The name SprigFern comes from the name of the Wellington pub where I first came across the game and started to think about an algorithm for solving them, and since used as a place-holder because I had forgotten the game's actual name. By the time I got back online and found out the puzzle's actual name, I decided to stick with this place-holder name.