SVN-Label: Subversion Revision Number Aliases

About SVN-Label

Quite a few people who have used CVS previously dislike Subversion's idea that making a Tag is done by making a Branch, and calling it a Tag. It has its merits, but a lot of people who came from CVS find this unintuitive. Allowing people to give revision numbers aliases as been floated as a near equivalent to old CVS Tags, for various reasons the suggestion never seemed to get implemented.

This program is a wrapper (and server-side hook) that implements revision number aliasing. The wrapper rewrites the Subversion command-line, replacing labels (aliases) with the equivalent revision numbers. Subversion server hooks are used so that the label mappings are kept on the server and are accessed via the Subversion connection.

Note: This started out as a proof-of-concept and indirectly is a back-door implementation of (unversioned) property searching. It is no longer maintained.